The Council on Aging believes that aging should be celebrated and embraced, and that older adults have a lifetime of wisdom and experience to offer communities. The Sage Awards is one way that we are changing the conversation about what it means to be part of the emerging – and vital – senior generation.  The Sage Awards presented each year since 1991, are given to mature adults who have made outstanding contributions to Middle Tennessee through a lifelong commitment of working to improve the quality of life in their communities.  

In addition, we recognize one organization that has made a significant and positive impact on the lives of older adults in Middle Tennessee.

You may submit a nomination form below or contact the COA office at 615-353-4235 or email for more information.  Nominations for the 2018 Sage Awards must be submitted in person, mailed, or emailed by Thursday, February 28, 2019. 

Award recipients will be honored at the 2019 Sage Awards Luncheon.  The recipient is required to be present for an orientation luncheon in mid-April and the Sage Award luncheon on October 28.

Criteria for Individual Nominations: 
Nominees may be either active or retired professionals or community volunteers age 55 or older. Nominees may be nominated as individuals or as couples who have demonstrated a lifelong commitment to improving the quality of life in their community. The term “community” is defined as any place the nominee has lived and worked, including Middle Tennessee.  We welcome nominations of individuals or couples who were nominated in previous years but not selected.

Criteria for Organization Nominations(for-profit, non-profit, or government agency): This award is open to any organization that makes a significant and positive impact on the lives of older adults in Middle Tennessee.  Organizations should demonstrate a reputation for valuing and advocating for older adults, and for making outstanding contributions on behalf of older adults. Special consideration will be given to applicants that demonstrate collaboration, with other businesses, non-profits, or government, in their corporate social responsibility efforts.  We welcome nominations of organizations nominated in previous years but not selected.

Please watch the videos below to learn more about our 2018 honorees: Carrie Hudson, Mary Mills, Dorothy & Joe Scarlett, Drs. Pramod & Geeta Wasdev, and Alive Hospice.

Past Honorees

Nancy Conway, Em Ghianni, Susan Huggins, Gwendolyn Vincent & FiftyForward
2016 Berdelle Campbell, Brenda Gilmore, Cleatrice McTorry, James Vandiver
Sophia L. K. Beamon, Toni W. Heller, Ida K. Martin, Emmie Jackson McDonald*
2014 May Dean Eberling, Sharon W. Hurt, Jim & Hilda McGregor
George H. Cate, Jr., Senator Douglas Henry*, Larry Keeton, Lois Orr Winston
2012 Marcy* & Seawell Brandau, Sandra D. H. Hunt, Evelyn R. Richmond
2011 Jimmie White Hill, William Puryear, Richard E. Ragsdale
2010 Don Beisswenger, Dr. Susie McClure, Lottie Strupp
Geraldine H. Butts, Wm. E. (Willie) McDonald, Dr. Anderson & Mrs. Susan Spickard
2008 Richard H. Fulton, C. Renee Jenkins, Irma B. Kaplan
2007 Louise B. Katzman*, Phil Ponder, Gwendolyn J. Sharp
2006 H.P. “Hop” Hopkins*, Ola G. Hudson, Grace Cavert Stumb*
2005 Calvin L.* & Evelyn E* Calhoun, Harriet Foley*, Elise Steiner*
2004 Dr. Evelyn P. Fancher, Martin Kresge*, Nancy Ransom*, Sally Wolfe
2003 Jean* & Allen* Eskind, Edwina L. Hefner, Marjorie R. Koehler
2002 Bob Eisenstein*, Hazel Pointer Fields, Penny & Gene* TeSelle
2001 Thelma L. Baxter*, Charlie Cardwell, Lois K.* & Gilbert Fox
2000 Bill Barnes*, Eleanor “Chippey” Grier*, Clare* & Samuel* Loventhal
1999 Charlie* & Gracie Allen, Clara C. Elam, Bernard Werthan, Jr.*
1998 Nathaniel Crippens*, Adele Mills Schweid*, Bill Sherman
1997 Robert Everett, Jr.*, Daniel Patrick McGeachy III*, Anne Friedrich Roos
1996 F. Tremaine Billings, Jr.*, Mansfield Douglas III*, Leah Rose Werthan*
1995 Grace Gardner*, Barbara Mann*, Lester Robb*
1994 Mary Bradley*, Ernest Freudenthal*, Jamye Williams
1993 Randall Falk*, Lettie Galloway*, Jean Stumpf*
1992 Nancy Howell*, Laura McCray*, Bill Moynihan*