This is an example of one of COA's resources, ReNEW co-branded with the UHC logo.  This was used to give to their senior clients as a reference for health and wellness.

Sample cover of ReNew booklet co-branded with UHC logo

In an effort to:

  • support our programming and
  • expand the reach of our resources to
  • meet the needs of corporate partners.

The Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee offers co-branding of our resources at bulk discount pricing.

COA’s publications are credible, multipurpose resources that can serve as marketing and educational tools for individual clients, employees and employer groups.

COA publication’s are available for co-branding with the addition of a company logo and CEO letter.


Aging and Caring: Things Families Need to Know© is a comprehensive resource designed to give families a starting point for caregiving for aging loved ones.

Individual copies are available for $26.95 each and includes FREE shipping!

Bulk Pricing

1-99 $20 per copy
100-249 $18 per copy
250-499 $15 per copy
500—999 $12 per copy
1000+ $10 per copy

*There is a small set-up fee for customization, changes and additions

Empowering Grandparents is a booklet addressing the needs of these caregivers by providing specific information, resources and support to assist grandparents in this role.

This is an excellent resource to include as part of your human resource toolkit or employee assistance program.

ReNEW (Nutrition, Exercise & Wellness) is a booklet addressing the specific health and wellness concerns of older adults by providing healthy food guidelines and information regarding physical health and overall wellness.

This can be used as an educational marketing tool to reach your existing clients, potential clients, or your employees.  It will empower your senior customers, caregivers and/or employees to make healthy choices that improve their quality of life.

Preparing & Planning for Lifes Final Chapter is a guide to end of life care planning with practical considerations about end of life care options, clarification about important documents, and guidance on communicating decisions with friends, family, and medical professionals.

This is a great tool to include in your human resources or employee assistance programming.

For those agencies working in the end of life field, it is an excellent educational marketing piece that offers your clients and prospects a real marketing piece with value.

Bulk Pricing for ReNew, Preparing and Planning for Life’s Final Chapter, and Empowering Grandparents range from $3-$5 and is determined by quantity ordered.  Call us at 615-353-4235 or email us at info@localhost for a quote.

*There is a small set-up fee for customization

** Changes/additions may be require an additional fee as well

For more information about co-branding of COA resources, please call the COA office at 615-353-4235 or email info@localhost.