The Council on Aging was launched in 1985 as a vital outgrowth from a mayoral task force on senior issues. The task force saw the need for an engaged, impartial and accountable group to continually study gaps in services for seniors and to be an advocate on behalf of senior issues.  COA is now an independent, board-directed 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


COA addresses the unmet needs of older adults and caregivers through information, advocacy and education and by being a catalyst for comprehensive solutions.

How does the Council on Aging work?

The importance of Aging to our Community

COA has taken action on issues affecting seniors including caregiving, community engagement, consumer fraud, elder abuse, end-of-life planning, grandparents raising grandchildren, health and wellness, housing, legal concerns, mental health, retirement, transportation and much more.

Creative collaboration with seniors, their families, agencies, businesses, professionals, caregivers & community volunteers has resulted in the creation of resources, programs, seminars and outreach campaigns that allow COA to address issues & concerns from both global and detailed perspectives.